Conversations with Dining for Women

BHM is honored to be a recipient of a grant from Dining for Women in support of our backpack medic teams.  The Backpack teams are doubly empowering to women in Burma.  Firstly, the teams largely consist of women – in both medic and leadership positions.  This provides women in ethnic areas of Burma with a valuable skill […]

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Weaving Stories of Resistance

    Minmahaw school offers an intensive English program that serves disadvantaged migrants from Burma in Mae Sot, Thailand. It serves a multiethnic  student body and aims to help them pursue further higher education. Never did I think that my time at Minmahaw this summer would redefine my notions of agency in personal struggles. Nor […]

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The Power of Education

The atmosphere at the Backpack Health Worker Team compound has grown even more lively and welcoming since the arrivals of the medic teams for the upcoming 6 month meeting. Having trekked through the jungles, mountains, and across the rivers in Burma for 6 months, these teams of medics have safely made it back to their […]

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The Lived Experience of a Medic from Burma

Each week that goes by, I am exposed more and more to the lived experiences of those who live in Burma. At Back Packers, I have had the opportunity to interview medics about their experiences of growing up in Burma, training to be a medic in Mae Sot, and going back to Burma to provide […]

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Rethinking Numbers

Reading about Burma became an integral part of my hopeless attempts to fall asleep on a hot humid night in my hometown in Lebanon. Scrolling down long articles and reports was the only way I could learn about the Burmese conflict. I read about the crimes perpetrated by the military government. I read about the […]

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Moments at Minmahaw

Having been in Mae Sot for two weeks now, it’s starting to feel more like home. I’m more familiar with the town; I’ve got the quickest biking routes down (including riding on the left side of the road) and even the waitress at my favorite pad thai place knows me! Teaching at Minmahaw has been […]

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Hello from Mae Sot!

  Hello from Mae Sot, Thailand!! We are members of GlobeMed at Whitman College, an organization based in the USA devoted to achieving global health equity by pairing college students with grassroots health organizations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Every summer, GlobeMed chooses 3-5 students from each participating college to travel across the world […]

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